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Test and Measure Marketing

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

It's a changing world almost daily now and engaging, and getting your message in to the market is harder than ever. Traditional media is fragmented, the new marketing managers of today are fearful and seem to have carved out a niche of no accountability in the success of marketing campaigns, they now lean on the Test and Measure philosophy.

What is Test and Measure? Test and Measure is effectively a look at me factor. "I got the result we set out as our objective for this campaign, we achieved a 20% open/click through rate!" What fails to be recognised is that the campaign objective is not about gaining a click through rate or open rate, it is about creating a reason for a customer to engage with you and, just maybe heaven forbid, do business with you!

Make your marketing managers and marketing agencies stand up and be accountable for the real result, not the warm and fuzzy "we did what we said" result.

Ask your marketing manager or marketing partner what they know about selling to a customer. Try it and let me know what they say! I bet that more than 50% of marketing experts refute the fact that they are actually where the sale begins!

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