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Survive, Revive and Thrive

The biggest change to business in our lifetime has been COVID-19. It has managed to do things to our businesses, our families, our friends, there is not a person on earth that this tragic situation has not touched.

But, that said, it has opened doors and transformed the way we do business, how we do business and why we do business. COVID-19 has been the biggest revolution to business driving change through technology at a pace that we never imagined possible.

Some businesses, unfortunately, will not survive and the next 90 to 120 days are going to be the toughest any business has seen.

To Survive, Revive and Thrive, we have to look inwardly at business and refine what we do, what we are great at and ensure that we are in the business of providing product and services that the market not only needs but wants!

As we emerge back in to the new normal, every week we need to test and measure what we are doing. Ask the questions;

Are we getting this right?

Did we add value to our customers and our business?

Are we talking to the right people?


Is what we offer actually what our customers need and want?


Are we attracting the right customers?

Now is the time to plan your business survival!

Both State and Federal Government are offering a range of support by way of funding and grants. The Queensland State Government has announced a new $100 Million funding packages available to small business to support them to re-design and re-engineer the way business is conducted and to support the development and growth of SMBs in the state.

Each state has funding available and now is the time to engage a business consultant to help you grow – funded by your State Government!

Let’s talk about SURVIVNG

Right now, you feel uncertain, worried and anxious? You are not alone! Every business feels exactly this way right now.

Surviving each day is the key to your success. One step at a time. Yes, business has changed and, I am certain, that we will never have what we did have pre COVID. It is a fact!

What we do know is that we need to change and, to use a buzz word that is emerging, pivot business.

Pivot is used in every second sentence in every meeting that I attend these days – it is becoming fast a pet hate word for me!

The meaning of Pivot is; To Turn in the Same Place or Location with progressing Forward or backward. Hence my pet hate! It means Standing Still!

Standing Still is the last thing that anyone can afford to do right now.

Sure, we can turn in a different direction but we need to keep moving forward!

Here are the tips to moving in to Survive Mode (notice I didn’t say pivot?);

· Assess the product and services that you offer to your market and cull the poor performing ones. Make your business lean.

· Review your advertising and marketing. Is it actually talking to the audience you want to attract or is it really you just talking?

· If you have staff, look at the culture of your business. Do your team just turn up and do a job or do they actively add value to the business?

Lean, Agile, Focussed and Well Planned these are the first steps to setting your business on a Survival Path.

Want to know more? Call us today and have a virtual coffee with the Bluedge team and get a little free advice and, never, ever, just PIVOT.

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