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7 things you should know about building rapport.

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

When coaching high performing sales teams, the fundamentals to success come from rapport.  No rapport with a client simply means if they choose to do business wth you it's because they have chosen you on price or worse, simply need your product or service right now.

Will they do business with you in the future?  Likely not.

Will they remember who you are?  Again, Likely not.

Follow these 7 simple tips to building rapport and watch your sales grow.

1. Be their greatest supporter-learn everything you need to know about the business find out what their interests are.

2. What do you have in common? Be part of their team. Clients will open up to you more frequently once they know that you're part of the team.

3. Have empathy-listen- if your client has a problem that needs to be solved 90% of the reasons why they tell you their problems is because they just want to be heard.

4. Listen Actively - Many sales people interrupt, try to solve the problem there and then or just do not listen.

5. Be more interested in them then anyone ever has been- Most sales people call and want to sell them something, that is not rapport building its “ solving the wrong person's problem.”

6. One thank you card a week- Just say thanks, thanks for the business, thanks for the interview, just thanks.

7. Final one, send them FREE reports. Find reports or articles on their industry. A friendly email. "Hey Mike found this thought you might be interested"

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