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Customers? Or Clients? Is there a difference?

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

I have had the pleasure of taking a break and relaxing, it's amazing how your mind turns to things when you are able to relax. It got me thinking about how many businesses out there actually don't know the difference between a 'client' and a 'customer'.

Yes, there is a difference, a very big and very distinct difference. This is where I have seen businesses go horrifically wrong by not understanding if they have customers or clients.

Here is the difference!

Customers have a choice. If they don't like the product you have on offer today, they will likely continue to visit your business and maybe, one day, like the offer you have and choose to purchase it from you. The service that you provide is based on a physical choice.

Clients on the other hand are those that you provide a service to you (IT Support, Cleaning, Accounting as examples) and, if they don't like the service you deliver, they WILL leave you, likely never to return and worst of all, tell other potential clients why they left you and your services.

#clientsatisfaction #customerengagement

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